Yes! Kopy Kat and the Bomb Squad #1 complete and off to the printer!!


So hype right now. I received the corrected proof of my book from ka-blam printing a few days ago. My comic book is finally completed. I’m proud, excited, but also burned out. comics are hard to make.

My two cents on this journey;

Self-doubt is a mutha fucker!

This journey started two years ago and it was not easy.  Self-doubt is a mutha fucker! It has been a personal struggle every time I pressed the share button. I am never satisfied with my art, and constantly second guess everything that I draw. You would be amazed at the number of times that I have re-drawn the pages of this book.  My wife had to step in and explain that this book is never going to be perfect!  Just get it done, and improve on the next issue!

Never give up on your dreams.

I created these characters over 20 years ago, and planned to do a book back then but l never finished a single drawing. So much wasted time. I actually won first place in several art contests at comic book conventions back in the early 90’s, but divorce, military life, and being a single parent put all of that on hold.

Not drawing for 20 years was a big mistake. When I decided to start up again, I had to re-learn how to draw everything. The things that were easy to draw 20 years ago are now hard as fuck. My hand isn’t as steady as it used to be. When did I start getting cramps in my hands and shoulder?? I would stare at my old drawings and have no idea how I drew any of it. Starting over after such a big break was hard, but also a blessing. I was able to  re-learn how to draw using new digital techniques.  Gone are the days of ruining a drawing by spilling the ink bottle, or finding out a color doesn’t work after you’ve drawn half of the drawing.  If I don’t like an inked line, I can easily change it. Wrong color, quickly change it. I love my Wacom Cintiq and Manga Studio.

No matter how complicated your life gets, always find a little time for your dreams. I have a family and work a full-time job with the government. I have very little spare time. This book took two years of late night drawing and all-nighters on weekends when the kids were asleep. I had to set priorities. No video games until this book was completed. I still have an unopened copy of Fallout 4.

Don’t forget where you started:
I have met so many cool and creative people on instagram and Twitter. I have also met some jerks too. Please support and encourage artists that are not at your level. Remember no one started out as an expert. I wanted to give up on this project so many times, but the encouragement and positive comments kept me going.

Thank you to all of the “struggling ;)” artists on the internet  for supporting my project and providing me an endless supply of inspiration and creativity.

A special thank you goes out to Paris Cullins for giving me the kick in the ass that I needed to get back in the game.  See you at VA Comicon.

Thank you
Corey T.

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