Corey Taylor, a Virginia resident, father, and a 22-year Air Force veteran, is a self-published comic book author and artist. He is currently working on the third issue of his own comic book series titled “Kopy Kat and the Bomb Squad”.  As a result of his nation’s current state of racial divide and social injustice, Corey felt the need to put his personal projects on hold, and use his artistic platform to be a catalyst for change and unity. He has spearheaded the “Artists Unite” project in hopes of doing just that. The anthology features artwork and poetry inspired by the need for change, desire for unity, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, with contributors from around the globe. All proceeds from this project will be donated to charities supporting the Black  Lives Matter movement.  

70+ Artists and Poets from around the globe have contributed to this amazing project!

All proceeds from the sale of this book are going to be donated to the Black Lives Mattercharity/organization.  

The Journey to complete this project

Working on this project has been an amazing experience! I am so proud of the art community on Instagram and Facebook! I have met so many amazing artists and writers, and have truly been blessed by this experience. I have received nothing but love and support from so many wonderful people from around the world.  All I had to do is ask, and they stepped up to the plate and made this project happen. I am so proud of all of the people that supported and inspired me to make the “Artists Unite Project” a success. 

Artists Unite Book

This 60-page “full color” art-book has already been completed and sent to production on 08 July 2020. The initial “proof” copies have been received on 17 July 2020. After the 30 day crowdfunding campaign is complete, a thank you page will be added to the book, and all orders will be mailed out mid-August 2020. No later than 01 September 2020.  

The Perks!

  1.  $3  DONATION:   $3 will be donated to the Black Lives Matter organization, and your name will be added to the “Thank you page” in the printed art book.
  2. $10 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF THE BOOK:  You will receive a “digital download” copy of the book. Available as soon as the campaign ends. Your name added to the “Thank you page” in the book. $10 will be donated to the BLM charity/organization. 
  3. $15 SOFTCOVER COPY OF THE BOOK:  You will receive the 60-page Softcover book mailed to you in a rigid photo mailer envelope. Your name added to the “Thank you page” in the book. $10 will be donated to the BLM charity/organization. 
  4. $25 HARDCOVER COPY OF THE BOOK: You will receive the 60-page hardcover edition of the book mailed to you in a  rigid photo mailer envelope. Your name added to the “Thank you page” in the book. $10 will be donated to the BLM charity/organization. 
  5. $40 EVERYTHING: You will receive all of the perks! You will receive the digital download of the book, the softcover copy of the book, and the hardcover edition.  Your name added to the “thank you page” in the book. $20 will be donated to the BLM charity/organization.

Risks & Challenges

There is a very low risk involved in this project. I have already received the artwork and poetry from the artists involved in this project. The design of the book has already been completed. The initial “proof” copies have already been received from the printer. The book will be printed and mailed out within two weeks of the end of the campaign. The donation to Black Lives matter will be made after all books are printed and mailed out to the supporters.

Thank you to all of the Artists and Writers who contributed to this project!

  • Dylan Nadsady               Pensacola, FL
  • Pan Cooke                       Ireland
  • Alice Monson                  Bath, UK
  • Andrea Sterling              Miami,  FL
  • Leah Farshid                   Main, USA   
  • Alinda Saintval              Boyton Beach, FL
  • Sofia Lui                          Texas, USA
  • Monika Zsofka              Seaside,  CA
  • Elliot Hurley                   Michigan, USA
  • Dave E. Phillips             San Jose, CA
  • Aaliyah Sherie               Broward County, FL
  • Jade                                  Wisconsin
  • Mizael Oliviera               Brazil
  • Georgina Stokes           Vancouver, Canada
  • Derrick Johnson           Fredericksburg, VA
  • Lee Katherine May       Providence, RI                
  • Amso Yaro                       London, Ontario
  • Eric collins                       Richmond, VA
  • Makayla Benjamin        Gaithersburg, MD
  • Desiree Borges               Washington, DC
  • Nychole Owens              Southern California
  • Mitchka Herard              Boston, MA
  • Miguel Lazo                     New Jersey, USA
  • Jayda Davis                     Lakeland, FL
  • Florence Martinez         Manila, Philippines
  • Samantha Mennella     New Jersy, USA
  • Mike Machira                  Nairobi, Kenya
  • Lila Afifi                             California, USA
  • Rodney Clerge Page      Philadelphia, USA
  • Lee Lopez                         Lakewood, Ohio
  • Drefar                                Virginia, USA
  • Chelsea J.                        Olympia, WA 
  • Tony Mulkes                    Celle, Germany
  • Rachel Ziegler                Oakland, CA
  • Don Aquillo                      
  • Augustus B. Cole            
  • MightBe                            Montpelier, Vermont
  • Sydney Whitcomb        Boston, MA                 
  •  Emery Ianvs Bass        Dorchester, MA       
  • Erika Willis                       Tallahassee, FL
  • Banita Blossomin          United Kingdom
  • Chad Cavanaugh           San Diego, CA
  • David bleecher               Ames, IA
  • Aaron Beatty                   Philadelphia, PA
  • Kha’irah Nairobi Cook  Los Angeles, CA
  • Malcolm X Price             Philadelphia, PA
  • Luke Galan Page            Los Angeles, CA
  • Isabella Imbrugia           Rochester, NY
  • Termeh Babalou             London
  • Ash Horlick                       United Kingdon
  • Ronald Comeau              Brooklyn, NY
  • Jerron Kegler Page        Nacogdoches, TX  
  • Kevin Betou                      Savannah, GA              
  • Dennis Owuso-Ansah    New York, NY
  • Katie Minnis                      Toronto, Canada
  • Adrian lowe                       Minneapolis, MN
  • Tate Cocotos                    Livingston, Montana
  • Isabella Martz                  Florida, USA
  • Samia Fakih                      New York, NY
  • Casey Sussman              Vancouver, Washington   
  • Sarah Yang                        Raleigh, NC
  • Maggie Morgan               Athens, OH
  • Bayron Calderon             Trenton, NJ
  • Ki Agee                               Atlanta, GA    
  • John Kind                          Boston, MA
  • David Johnson                 Baltimore, MD
  • Greg Sevik                        Houston, TX 
  • Melanie B. Scheider       New Mexico
  • Omaolara Kaplan            Atlanta, GA
  • Joel Katz                           Cherry Valley, CA
  • Gabriel Lugo                     Woodbridge, VA
  • Timothy Kornegay          North Carolina, USA
  • Sherrod Robinson           Virginia, USA
  • Anthony Andujar             New York, USA
  • Kipjo Ewers                        Ney Jersey, USA
  • Giovanni Pagliari,            Ohio, USA

By Corey

Location: Wash D.C Metro area