Va Comicon was a blast! + Paris Cullins words of wisdom!

Had a great time at the VA Comicon.  Bought some comics, saw some great cosplay, and met some incredible Comic Artists.


Paris Cullins, long time artist on Blue Beetle and the Blue Devil for DC, gave me some great words of wisdom, that made me think hard about my approach to my art, and my lack of dedication. He basically told me to get off my ass and draw! That, I am the only person to blame if I do not succeed. He said that he has known so many incredible artists who have wasted their talent, and never accomplished anything.  He also said that If no one ever sees my art, I’m just wasting my time, and talent. The whole poit of art, is to share it!  Point blank….

I also purchased a sweet original drawing of Storm from the  X-men, and a Luke Cage “Powerman” print.


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