Kopy Kat And The Bomb Squad: Page 3 Re-work

Got some serious work done this weekend.  Gearing up to getting this book completed by March 2016. I am going back to my older comic pages and updating some things to make sure the art is consistent throughout the book. This is harder than it looks. I have a new found respect for all sequential artists. Drawing a comic book  is so different from drawing pin-ups. It is so hard to get the faces to look the same on every panel. On this page I changed the first panel, and added buildings to the first and second panels.

let me know what you think.




Page 4 work in progress

Working on page four of my web comic.

The original page I drew many years ago.


the new thumbnail. I used manga studio’s 3d feature to re-create the pose for the second panel.


Another update to this page,







Kopy Kat & the bomb squad work in progress

Kopy Kat & the bomb squad work in progress


Update to page 4, changed the first panel. a simpler image worked better.



Final Pencils, will ink next. happy with this page. Never new how hard it is drawing a story and keeping the characters faces the same from page to page.




Last edit of this page. I am never satisfied with my art. Still not happy with the first panel, but I need to get this page completed or I will never get this webcomic completed.