Great pen monitor. Bright screen, super responsive pen. great pressure sensitivity.

Don’t believe the negative reviews, some people are way too picky. You cannot compare this to a $2000+ professional grade WACOM device. It is definitely worth the $300+ price tag. I wanted to get a Wacom,  but just can’t justify paying $2000 for a monitor that I may not even use.  I see tons of Wacoms on ebay and craigslist being sold by artists that bought them and barely used them. I’m not rich!!

I have been watching this device for the past year, and when I heard the great news that Monoprice updated the drivers I had to get one.


1. low price
2. Now works with multiple monitors in windows.
3. Pressure sensitivity works in Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook pro.
4. DVI connector
5. 19 inch screen
6. super fast delivery from Monoprice, arrived a week early.

1. Confusing install with Windows 7

**Windows users: Make sure you follow the install steps and you won’t have any problems.
see this review with install steps:

If you are looking for a pen monitor that works great, and won’t break the bank.

Buy immediately..

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By Corey

Location: Wash D.C Metro area