Character update: Cyber

Working on a possible image for the cover of issue three of kopy Kat and the Bomb Squad. My character Cyber. She hasn’t made an appearance in the book yet. She’s Kat’s older sister who has the ability to generate energy blasts and control machines. you think Kat has attitude. Wait till you meet her.

Blerdcon was amazing!

BLERDCON June 30 – 01 July 2017, Hyatt Regency, Arlington, VA

blerDCon was incredible! By far the best convention I have been a part of. I have already purchased my table for next year. The atmosphere was great. So many cool vendors and artists. The cosplay was off the chain.   I have nothing to complain about. This convention was a blast!!! Met some really cool people. I can’t wait for next year. This con is only going to get better!!





Commission #5 Complete: Batgirl

Commission #5. Another commission completed.  This client wanted to be made into a bat-girl type hero with khaleesi (Game of thrones) hair. She also wanted to be holding a laptop.