My first try at digital inking with a pen display. I purchased a SMART podium ID370 on Ebay. It’s a version of the WACOM ID-720 sold overseas. I got it for only $115, and it works perfectly with Manga Studio and Adobe Photoshop.   The screen is 17″ and has a resolution of 1280×1024, with 512 levels of  pressure sensitivity.  The screen is very bright and the viewing angles are just as good as my 20′ Hp OlED monitor. I can’t wait to complete this drawing and try digital coloring with this monitor!!!   It may not be a $2000 WACOM Cintiq, but I is exactly what I need for digital coloring and inking.


update: pressure sensitivity not working in Manga Studio or  Photoshop. Can’t fid an optin in the settings to adjust it.

20140720_202216 20140720_202208





Here a youtube video with a demo of it in action.


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By Corey

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